Diy Floral Cuff

Today’s diy is a floral cuff, I will show you two ways to add a pretty little floral touch to any cuff that you may have lying around!

This first diy is fairly simple all you need is a cuff and fabric paint or acrylic paint. If you don’t have any cuff  or fabric paint you can get a cuff at Micheal’s that’s where I got mines on sale for less than $3 and that’s also where I got my fabric paint.For the cuff you can also probably purchase one at any store that sells accessories/ jewellery.

Step 1: Grab your fabric paint and cuff and start painting and then let dry and then you have a pretty floral print on your cuff! I chose a cherry blossom inspired print.

Diy floral cuff

This second diy just requires some spare floral materials and crazy glue/glue gun, I chose this pretty black rosy print scarf that I had lying around from the Talize thrift store.

Step 1: Grab your fabric and cut out a strip as thick as you want, and then glue it diagonally and voilà there you have it!

Diy floral cuff 2



Diy Belt Choker/ Bracelet

Here is another diy choker, except this choker is made out of a belt and can also be worn as a bracelet.(2 in 1 for all you diy lovers)

Grab a old medium sized or small sized belt, you can get any colour, I chose navy blue. It’s because we are going to splatter some acrylic paint on it to give a pretty artsy flare, and the navy blue backdrop is suited, because it’s dark and will make the colours pop more! Adding the pop of colourful paint is optional, but it definitely makes the piece more of a unique statement piece.

Step 1-2: Get your belt and cut it down to about 6-7 inches. Then get some acrylic paints, fabric paints or nail polish you can go with whatever you prefer or have.Make sure you have a newspaper or anything that you don’t mind getting paint all over, cause it can get messy!

Belt Choker DIY!.jpg

Step 3-4: Grab a paint brush or nail polish brush and start splattering. Although I did use all of them, I did find that the nail polish did give a more pigmented, vibrant look. Get a ribbon clasp/ crimp closure and use pliers to clamp it down between the belt.

Diy .jpg

Step 5: Last but not least, get some chain and attach it to the closure with pliers, and attach the necklace hook, and there you have it voila! It can be worn as choker and bracelet, the photos below, will show the different ways it can be worn.

Belt Choker
Belt Choker
Belt Bracelet
Bracelet can be worn showing the gold chain
Belt Bracelet 2
Bracelet can be worn with the chain hidden


Current Fashion Faves

I hated the winter weather, but loved the winter fashion. Farewell to winter, here are some of my fashion favorites!

1. Ladue in Bordeaux Suede, Aldo ($38.00 on sale!)

I love this stunning burgundy beauty from Aldo, the color is gorgeous and was one of the most trendiest color’s for fall and winter. The purse’s flap is this soft velvety suede, and the other half is faux leather with sides that have this faux crocodile textured skin. The gold chain and accents, complemented the color well, so I decided to do a tiny DIY. I added my own gold accent piece, which was previously an earring! I crazy glued this gold lion knob, which I thought it gave it a nice extra gold touch to the purse.

Burdundy Purse

Gold Lion


2. Deer Statement Necklace, Ebay (under $6.00!)

When I saw this necklace on Ebay it instantly caught my eyes, with it’s quirky rustic feel; I definitely knew I had to have it, because it was a unique, beautiful center piece. It’s one of my go to necklace’s that spruces up any simple/casual outfit, I always get asked where it’s from!

Trendy Statement Necklace

Trendy Necklace Detail