Art Throwback- Colors of Life and Death

Colorful Art

Here is an art throwback of mines from last year, a bitter sweet piece (more sweet than bitter) called Colors of Life and Death.

The Meaning

This art piece is dedicated to the ying and yang in life, the duality of life, the balance of good and bad, love and war, happiness and sadness, beauty and the ugly and life and death. It is filled with color to evoke an excitement, and the variations of colors, reflect the variations of the human experience and situations in life. The bad is needed to know what good is, in other words we need to go through pain and sadness to truly know what happiness is, that is the balance that is needed, for us to truly appreciate life. The skull represents death and pain, while the flowers emerging out of the skull’s mouth represents life, joy and happiness.The merging of these two ideas in my eyes creates something beautiful and stimulating because it’s unexpected.

The Medium

This art piece is a mixed media art piece it consists of a mix of black ink pen, pencil, markers, acrylic paint and magazine cutouts. The skull is drawn with both a pencil and a black ink pen. I also used the pen to draw the background design and used colorful markers to fill them in. The acrylic paint was used on the portion that almost resembles dripping or oozing paint. The flowers coming out of the skull were colorful magazine cutouts and that’s why that particular area looks vibrant  that portion was laid out in that area as a collage.

Art Collage
The Skull and Floral Collage
Acrylic Painting
Acrylic Paint






Author: Florence Tuscano

Hello! I am a recent Business Marketing graduate who has a love for fashion, colour and art.

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